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Can I tailor my reports?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Yes. You can add your own worksheets with your own formatting, you can build them into standard report templates. They will appear each time the report is run.

Caution! If you do not rename the excel template, you may lose this formatting next time you upgrade, e.g. change PwProMon.xls to PwProMon_mycompany.xls

If you would like to tailor your reports, please follow these steps:
  • Make the changes you want - add new sheets, put links in, format, macros, pivot tables and so on.
  • Clear out the data you used. As this needs to be a blank template.
  • Copy the file into the correct path. Usually it`s "C:\Program Files\PamwinPlusPhase2\PamwinExcelTemplates\Reports".
  • Use "Edit" to switch Pamwin plus to use the new template.
  • Run the report.
Hints&Tips on modifying Reports
  • If you add a new worksheet based on an existing worksheet, make sure that you clear out data that is not required (as this is the new template).
  • Rename the file and save changes to the same file path.
  • Be cautious - if you use the "Close" button on Pamwin Plus View/Print/Close dialogue box to close spreadsheet without saving changes first, any changes made will be lost.

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