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What are the categories of reports?
Last Updated 7 years ago

There are 4 categories of reports:

  • Appraisal report - used to report to approval bodies.
    • PwSumApp.xls - Appraisal summary report.
    • PwIntCas.xls - Development cash flow report.
  • Project Management reports - used to monitor approved schemes
    • PwVarLis.xls - Variations or Transactions reports.
    • PwBudMon.xls - Budget monitoring report.
  • Programme reports - used to monitor the whole programme.
    • PwAnaCas.xls - Consolidated cash flows report
    • PwProgramme.xls - Programme report.
  • Super reports - include macros, and/or direct database links.
    • Super programme report pulls out cash flow, and handovers from database
    • Super pamtrans does a dry run of transaction posting
    • Super handover lets you push unit attribute data back into Pamwin's database

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