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I would like to know how to upload data into fields in one hit rather than having to enter data by each line. I refer in particular to the fields in units. I am trying to add data into the address fields. where the data is the same for each unit, to sa
Last Updated 5 years ago

There is Units.xls spreadsheet to populate the data into database in one go.  Just follow these instructions:

1. M3 will send you Units.xls spreadsheet file.
2. There are 2 tabs in the spreadsheet - Details and Units. Make sure you are on Details tab.
3. You will have to enter required details - Server name, Database Name, SQL Server User ID and Password - you should be able to get those values from your IT Department. Pamwin User ID and Password - use your credentials for accessing Pamwin.
4. Press "List schemes for selected user" button and you will see all schemes by your name from Pamwin listed in the box.
5. Select a scheme from the list, press "Populate worksheet from database" and go to Units tab.
6. Populate the values in Units tab you would like to add to the scheme and when you finished, go back to Details tab.
7. Press "Populate database from worksheet" button and we are done!

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