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What do I need to change in Pamwin to apply government changes?
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Please follow this link for thorough instructions Modelling the impact of the proposed rent decrease on affordable and social rent

The conservative government has proposed a fall in affordable and social rents of 1% per annum from 2016 for four years. You can use Pamwin Plus to model the impact - not just on the current programme, but on every completed scheme in the database. However, we assume that completed schemes will be assessed as part of the wider business plan, and you’ll need to use Pamwin Plus to:

  • Model the impact on your current programme and report to board by changing inflation records for affordable and social rent, including the Target Rent inflation tables
  • Amend your current financial assumptions and/or existing schemes accordingly
The following schemes will be directly affected by a change to inflation records:

  • Any affordable or social scheme still being appraised
  • Any affordable or social scheme on site
These schemes will be indirectly affected

  • Any completed social scheme, if the Target Rent calculation has been left switched on
  • Any market rent or shared ownership scheme using the same inflation table (this can be sorted out)
The safest way to model the impact of such a dramatic change is to copy your live database into a test or training environment, make the changes in test/training and compare the results to the live system before deciding what to do. If this is not possible, you can pot-sample your live data.

This document " Modelling the impact of the proposed rent decrease on affordable and social rent " sets out options for modelling either in a training/test environment, or in a live environment, before outlining how to commit changes in the live environment. 

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