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What is important to know before deleting existing user?
Last Updated 7 years ago

If a user record is deleted, their schemes can be deleted or reassigned, depending on whether they owned the scheme, approved the scheme, or were the RSL contact for the Housing Corp.

To get ahead of loosing important information that is related to the user you are intending to delete please do the following:
  • log in as the user you wish to delete
  • look at their list of schemes in My Pamwin
  • use the Details tab to reassign schemes manually (most only have a dozen or so)
  • then login as yourself and use the Delete Scheme option when deleting a user
  • If you get it wrong - don't panic
  • The schemes are still there in the database, marked as 'for deletion'
  • If you wish the M3 team can help you to restore them.
  • Remember: you cannot accidentally delete approved schemes

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